Osa essere forte e coraggioso

mah soyoung Reading Shorts Denim

Silent Collision by candelabrum
And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.
- Paulo Coelho (via littleroanthings)



Shout out to muscular men that are still kinda chubby

Y’all are slept on so much but idk why

That lumberjack build does things to me

I like knowing I can cuddle with you but you can still fuck someone up


What's your opinion on masculinity and how it effects young men?


i think we feed men this idea that they essentially have to be emotionless robots that only exist to work, put food on the table and make children, and it’s fucking stupid

we’re all human. we all cry. we all feel guilt, sorrow, pain, and loneliness. there’s nothing wrong wit showing that shit. don’t let anybody shame you for “acting like a woman” because what they’re really saying is that the traits they deem “masculine” are superior to the traits they deem as “feminine”

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